About Rabbi Peretz

B”H Greetings

Welcome to Rabbi Peretz.

I am here to spread optimism and Jewish wisdom, to love, care and help your soul shine, so you can have sustainable inspiration and live a life of meaning and fulfillment.

I have been dubbed the rabbi for those who didn’t think they would have a rabbi because I greet you where you are.

Being a 7th-generation mystic, I was educated to see the potential connection each one has to live a meaningful and confident life.

My personal daily practice is one of gratitude, contentment, and enoughness. Using prayer, Kabbalah, and Yoga.


Born in Brooklyn, NY, to a Chabad family, I was inspired to live a life of altruistic values. The Rebbe, Rabbi Schneerson, taught us to live a life of service and believe in the potential of humanity to be harmonious.

Before getting married and building a community, I traveled to the underprivileged Jewish community in Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Khazakstan, Mexico, and many locations in the United States.


My goal is to personalize Judaism through curated experience.

Lifecycle Events.
Religious holiday ceremonies and celebrations.

Step one, set up an in-person or virtual session to discuss your life. Step two, plan a relevant vision for your life and needs. 

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